September 20, 2013

To all of our customers

Telecom Square, Inc.
Yuji Yoshitake, President

Notification and apology for leakage of customer information due to unauthorized access

Recently, there was a leak of personal information, including credit card information of our company's customers, due to unauthorized access to our servers from the outside. We entrusted the forensic investigation to Verizon Japan Ltd. (referred to below as "Verizon"), a third party investigation company certified by the five major credit card brands, including VISA and MasterCard. Upon investigation of all of our servers, it was found that there was unauthorized access to a server whose operation had been stopped in the past.

From the beginning, we have put every effort into dealing with this problem—working closely with the credit card companies, relevant government agencies and personal information protection organizations, investigating the facts, and taking measures to protect our customers' credit cards. Based on the final report received from Verizon on September 12, we identified the scope of the damage, and today we will publicly announce the details on our website.

In this incident, files were stolen from a peripheral transaction server, and there was no leakage whatsoever from the database of the basic system which comprises the core of our system. Currently, we have also finished transferring all of our servers to a data center with robust security.

We provide our company's services based on individual contracts between our company and each user. To inform our customers regarding this issue, we will disclose information on our website and individually notify each person involved in the leak via e-mail. We have also set up a special toll-free number to answer your questions.

In reporting this incident, we offer our most heartfelt apologies for allowing a leak of our customers' precious personal information, including credit card information, and for causing anxiety and trouble for our customers, and all involved parties.

Going forward, we will be reporting as needed on this site if any new facts come to light.

For more detailed report, response for customers, please click here.

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