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The Company recognizes it as a social responsibility to protect all Personal Information (including "Specific Personal Information") handled by the Company in connection with its mobile telecommunication equipment rental business, digital content business and related sales activities and complies with laws and regulations concerning Personal Information Protection and other relevant codes and standards. Moreover, in order to accomplish the matters described below, the Company has created Personal Information protection management systems, constantly practices awareness of the latest trends in IT technology, changes in the expectations of the public, and shifts in the economic environment, etc., and engages in continuous Company-level efforts to implement improvement measures.

  1. The Company acquires, uses, and provides Personal Information within the limits of appropriate business execution, staff recruitment, and personnel management, etc. The Company does not handle Personal Information outside the scope necessary for the attainment of its specified purposes of use. The Company takes necessary steps to that end.
  2. The Company observes personal information protection laws and regulations, governmental guidelines, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is applied in Europe, and other norms and standards.
  3. In order to safeguard the accuracy and safety of Personal Information, the Company implements information securities measures and other safety management precautions, and makes efforts to prevent that Personal Information is accessed without authorization, lost, destroyed, falsified, or divulged. Moreover, steps shall be taken to ensure immediate mitigation in case of a relevant event.
  4. The Company responds promptly and in good faith to complaints and consultations concerning its handling of Personal Information. Moreover, the Company responds in accordance with laws and regulations to request from customers asking for the disclosure, etc. (meaning any of Notification of Purpose of Use, disclosure, correction, supplementation, deletion, or termination of use or termination of provision) of their own Personal Information held by the Company that is subject to disclosure.
  5. In order to protect the Personal Information of customers and to accommodate changes in laws, regulations, and other norms and standards, the Company reviews its Personal Information protection management system in a timely and appropriate manner and continuously implements improvements.
  6. The Company may change its policy for how personal information is handled without notice. When changes do occur, all changes will be announced at the bottom of the Personal Information Protection Policy. In an event where a major change is to occur regarding how personal information is handled, the Company will announce the changes on its website clearly.

Contact for complaints, consultations, and requests for disclosure, etc.

Telecom Square, Inc.
Customer Personal Information Service Desk
Address: 7F Sanbancho Tokyu Building, 8-1 Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0075, Japan
E-mail :
Tel: 03-3239-3278 Business hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-16:00

Enacted: April 1, 2005
Last revised: April 22, 2021
Telecom Square, Inc.
Yuji Yoshitake, Representative
Director and President

Concerning the Handling of Personal Information

Personal information such as the name and address of customers handled by the Company in connection with the mobile telecommunications equipment rental business, sales activities of the Company, digital contents of the Company (including information concerning transactions between customers and the Company or between customers and external service providers of the Company; hereinafter, "Personal Information") is treated as follows in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Policy of Telecom Square, Inc. In cases where the customer is a minor, personal information is given with the consent of parent or guardian of the minor.
※ Minor in this article will refer to the age of under 20 in Japan. For any other country than Japan, this article will follow the legal age considered in that country.

Concerning the purpose of use of Personal Information handled by the Company

The Company uses acquired Personal Information within the scope of the following purposes.
A duration period of how long personal information is stored will depend on the length it will take for the purpose of use to be completed. Once the duration expires or when the purpose of use is met, these personal information will be disposed.

Purpose of use of personal information

The area of personal information use :
mobile communication related services
    1. In order to offer and provide mobile telecommunications equipment rental services and related services provided by the Company.
    2. In order to offer and provide digital content service provided by the Company.
    3. In order to promote and sell the services and products of the Company.
    4. In order to take marketing activities and place advertisements, specifically ones targeting at interests and preference of customers.
    5. In order to get associated with other’s services.
    6. In order to grasp utilization of the services among customers and analyze its specifics for the purpose of enhancing service level, improving qualities and introducing new lines of services.
    7. In order to respond to customer opinions, inquiries and requests.
    8. In order to prevent illegal or improper conducts in businesses.
The area of personal information use :
Digital Content Business (Mobile application “PinnAR”)
  • In order to provide the functions and services offered in our navigation application “PinnAR”, the following user information will be collected and used.

  • Information We collect
    1. User's location information (including current location, destination, device orientation, GPS information and beacon information)
    2. Device information (including OS information and its version, hardware model, and advertising ID)
    3. Mobile communication line information (including category of line (Wi-Fi or LTE), signal strength, line speed)
    4. Log information (including actions related to application on/off, access date and time, and IP addresses accessed)
    5. Cookie information
    6. Engagement information (including the histories of application on/off information and of responses to advertisements appearing in the application)
    7. Information on data input when the translation function being used (including audio information, image information, and input character string information)

    Information User provides
    1. Email address
    2. Other information entered in designated forms by the user (optional)

    Specific purposes of use of user information
    1. In order to offer Indoor / outdoor navigation services
    The services accurately identify and display user’s locations on a map, and/or navigate users correctly to destinations by way of users’ information use.
    2. In order to accept an application from a user for membership for the services, validate and authenticate the application
    3. In order to respond to requests and inquiries from users on the services
    4. In order to identify and handle acts that violate our rules, policies, etc. regarding the services
    5. In order to notify users of changes in terms and conditions as well as policies regarding the services
    6. In order to maintain and run systems for the services properly by recovering incidents if any.
    7. In order to implement researches and developments to improve the services and other related services by way of adding new functions and offering new services, etc.
    8. In order to place and implement advertisements and promotion/marketing activities with regard to the services and other related services as well as with regard to services offered by third parties
    9. In order to grasp and analyze the utilization of the services (including marketing activities by offering to a third party analyzed data from which no individuals can be identified.)
    10. For other purposes related to ones aforementioned.

    Service to issue the certificate of histories of locations
    We offer a service to issue the certificate of histories of user’s locations by way of collecting from the user information as follows.

     1. Information User provides
     - Name of company user works
     - Name of user
     - Email address of user
     - Duration in which user’s locations be certified
     - Original location of user

     2. Information We collect
     - User’s location information (including current location, destination, device orientation, GPS information and beacon information)

    Third party’s tracking system
    “PinnAR” uses Google’s Firebase and AppsFlyer’s AppsFlyer for the purpose of grasping users’ utilizations. Please refer to links below with regard to how data are collected and handled.
The area of personal information use :
Dissemination of direct mail, etc.
  • In order to disseminate by way of direct mails or e-mails information on seminars, exhibitions, and product presentation events we host, co-host, or support.
  • In order to disseminate by way of direct mails or e-mails information on services and products we sell.
The area of personal information use :
Recruiting and personnel management
  • In order to implement recruiting and other HR related matters.
  • In order to practice subcontracted works. Note 1

Note 1: This information constitutes no Personal Information subject to disclosure for the purposes of the Company.

Concerning the use of cookies by the Company

The Company uses cookies and other tracking technologies to obtaining information about customers. Cookies are a mechanism that saves information (Identification information of browsers used for access etc.) specified by the website operator on the terminal that accessed the website. The Company confirms the access status etc. of each browser to the website and server. When customers use the browser cookies are used for the purpose of adjusting the composition of the website so that way the customers can use it in a more convenient environment. By continuously browsing the Company’s website and websites on its mobile application, Company will deem customer as accepting the terms and conditions of cookie use aligned by the Company’s “Concerns and Handling of Personal Information”. Customers can refuse to use cookies in the browser setting change. However, in that case, please acknowledge beforehand that the company may provide a different view of the website, and some of the services may not be available. Please contact each browser provider for browser setting change. The Company’s website, online service, mobile applications, websites on its mobile application, emails and advertisements will also be subjected to the use of cookies and other tracking technology.

Concerning Company’s security

Websites operated and managed by the Company, including webpages where personal information is required, uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology for customers to be able to input personal information safely. By using SSL, all data inputted from customers PC will be encrypted before sent through the network to the registered computer.
Note: SSL is an encryption technology which prevents data breach from occurring by establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

Concerning the handling of outsource of personal information to third parties by the Company

We will not provide personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the user, except when disclosure is permitted based on the Personal Information Protection Law, other laws and regulations. However, this does not apply in the following cases.

1. When entrusting the work that is the basis of purchasing goods and providing services to a third party in normal company operation
2. When personal information is provided due to a merger or to other types of business take-over
3. When a national and/or a local governmental body(ies) or a person need(s) to carry out legitimate tasks and obtaining consent from the user may hinder the performance in the tasks.
4. Any other instances permitted by the Personal Information Protection Law along with other laws and regulations

Inquiries by telephone

The Company can make recordings of telephone calls in order to enhance the quality of customer service as well as for reference purposes.

Concerning the use of statistically processed data

The Company may use the personal information collected to create statistical data under the process of de-identification. The Company can use de-identified data without any restrictions.

Concerning personal information subject to disclosure

  1. Corporate name
    Telecom Square, Inc.
  2. Personal information protection manager
    General Manager, General Affairs Group
  3. Purpose of use of Personal Information subject to disclosure
    For details concerning the purpose of use of Personal Information held by the Company that is subject to disclosure, see above in "Concerning the purpose of use of Personal Information handled by the Company."
  4. Contact for complaints concerning the handling of Personal Information subject to disclosure
    Telecom Square, Inc.[Customer Personal Information Service Desk]
    Address: 7F Sanbancho Tokyu Building, 8-1 Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0075, Japan
    Tel: 03-3239-3278 Business hours: Mon-Fr 10:00-16:00
  5. Accrediting Personal Information Protection Organization
    The Company is accredited by JADAC, accreditation organizations with respect to personal information. For opinions, requests, or complaints concerning the handling of Personal Information by the Company, the information desks of the after-mentioned personal information accreditation organizations can be contacted.

    JADAC Information Desk
    Center for the Protection of Personal Information in Telecommunications
    Sugamo Muromachi Bldg., 2-11-1 Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo (A unit of Japan Data Communications Association)
    Business hours: Mon - Fri 10:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 15:00 (Closed on weekends, national holidays, and New Year holidays)
  6. Concerning requests for disclosure, revision, addition, deletion, suspension of service, elimination etc. (hereinafter disclosure), of Personal Information subject to disclosure
    The Company will respond appropriately in case of requests from customers asking for disclosure, etc., of their Personal Information held by the Company that is subject to disclosure. Disclosure requests should be made as follows.
    1. Documents required for disclosure requests
      In order to make a disclosure request, please download the prescribed application form below. Please mail or hand-deliver the form to the Company together with the necessary documents.

      Application for disclosure, etc. (PDF)

      Power of attorney (PDF)

      A public document identifying you as the owner of the requested information (or the agent of the information owner) must be presented.
      Public documents usable for personal identification (PDF)

      (Requests for Notification of Purpose of Use or disclosure requests incur a charge of ¥1,000 (including VAT). If sent by postal mail, cash registered mail should be used.)

    2. Mailing address for request forms
      7F Sanbancho Tokyu Building, 8-1 Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0075, Japan
      Telecom Square, Inc. Customer Personal
      Information Service Desk
      After a request has been received, it takes about two weeks for the Company to issue a written response.

      [Concerning the handling of Personal Information of customers obtained through disclosure requests]
      Personal Information of customers obtained by the Company through disclosure requests is handled exclusively within the scope necessary for responding to the disclosure request.

Telecom Square, Inc. has acquired 'Privacy Mark' that certifies operators who handle personal information properly by the Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC).

This document was prepared in Japanese and translated into English. The Japanese text is the original and the English text is for reference purposes only. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these two texts, the Japanese text shall prevail.


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